In the European integration process, Turkish civil society has been a unique contributor to the reform process implemented by the government in line with the Copenhagen Criteria and has a growing role in the integration of Turkey to the EU and such and active involvement in the domestic and international sphere is a good indicator in terms of illustrating the level of democratic development. Turkey civil society feature during the negotiation process as a mediator and a communication channel between the EU and Turkey in the challenging stages of the negotiations therefore actors of Turkish civil society will be a voice which will be vital in changing the image of Turkey.


It is an undeniable fact that European integration is not only economic and political integration but also social integration in the form of the integration of the peoples of Europe. In this respect, we and our co-applicant organization (Lunaria) believe that close relations and cooperation between civil society organizations of the EU countries and of Turkey will be an increasingly beneficial and facilitating factor in the integration process, enabling the societies of the two sides to know and to understand each other.

Our project “Together-Enhancing Youth and CSOs political Culture and Democratic Participation” aims to enhance the capacity of Turkish youth NGOs to get familiar with EU political legislation and implementation by fostering participation, democracy and transfer of factual and accurate information and experiences about them to young people.